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Need proper burial: Don't buy overly cheap cameras
Bought of job lot of 2 Russian FEDs for dirt cheap (discounting shipping) and disappointed as I should have been, lesson learned

Panorama: spamming the last few shots
Finishing a roll of film with 36 shots after having exhausted your creativities after a long day on the street is fairly difficult, untill I learned to take panorama with film

How the AGAT 18K turns out
Review for the AGAT 18K I bought on eBay, and it turns out to be a pretty nice camera despite a number of flaws

Some more tricks on Kodak FunSaver
As I used and researched more and more about my FunSaver, I have found out a few more tricks that I want to share

7 additional tips on using disposable camera
A follow up to my previous post on disposable cameras, with tips I gathered after months of usage

Disposable camera for budget entry-level film photography
How I entered into film photography using disposable cameras, and why they are not as disposable as advertised