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Fuji X better focus assist

One day I was photowalking with my Fujifilm XT-20 and the Voigtländer Nokton 40mm adapted onto it. That means I had to focus manually because the Voigtländer lens couldn't talk to the camera body for auto focusing.

Recently I had been in the mood for black and white so I switched to using the Acros + R filter with the camera's film simulation feature. In this mode the preview on the camera's display and straight out JPG will become black and white.

And then I realized that if I shoot in this mode, the red highlight from the camera's focus peeping appears very obviously. It's red within an overall monochromatic image. I really enjoy shooting in this mode, despite with the adapter, the lens is unable to focus at infinity for f-stops under 11.

This technique for better focus assist can also be used when shooting color photos, provided that the images are shot in RAW. Using the Fujifilm X RAW Studio application on PC, it's possible to convert the RAW file of a black and white image into color image.

A good looking car in black and white
Black and white
A good looking car in color

Anyways, just a small trick in case I forget.